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Fragrenza: Captivating Fragrances for Every Occasion

Fragrances have been a part of human...

Good Girl Perfume

The best way to define Good Girl perfume is that it is a one-of-a-kind fragrance created to reflect the contemporary lady. The fragrance is a fresh and feminine blend of floral and woodsy aromas.

CHANEL Neon Nail Polish

BrandCHANEL Neon Nail Polish
CHANEL Neon Nail Polish
CHANEL Neon Nail Polish

Chanel switches to daylight saving time and launches four new Neon Vernis

After the pastel tones of spring, it seems inconceivable to fall back to duller shades when the sun is shining bright. Chanel understood this well and clearly decided to stay in the colorful trend. The brand presents us with new ultra flashy Neon Varnishes. For a little bit and your nails would almost glow in the dark ! Pop pink, electric blue, pep’s orange or fiery blue… Chanel has clearly decided to bring color to your life! So how about heading to summer?

All of Chanel’s expertise in Neon Varnishes

In addition to their attractive colors, the new Varnishes Neon from Chanel offer a whole lot of advantages. They intend to sublimate your manicure like never before and undoubtedly meet the quality standards of the house of Chanel. Indeed, Neon Varnishes have a long lasting hold and their application is ultra resistant. In addition, they are designed based on non-aggressive ingredients and respect the natural health of your nails. At the same time solid, fine and shiny, they deliver a lacquered and absolutely homogeneous result. Their coverage is impeccable and their colored pigments are particularly vibrant. The Chanel Neon Varnishes offer an absolutely amazing result that does not go unnoticed. They are particularly harmonious with tanned skin and are more exactly inspired by the dress codes of the 90s. After all, it is not uncommon to see looks aged in their twenties returning to the fore. Varnish has therefore not escaped the rule …

How to apply Chanel Neon Varnishes?

The new colors of the Chanel Neon Varnishesare particularly explosive. So there is no need to add and overdo it. They are best worn on relatively short, well-trimmed nails. This avoids falling into vulgarity. To avoid switching to transparency, it is recommended to apply a white base beforehand. This will bring out the fluorescent side of these varnishes. In addition, the fact of applying a base coat beforehand protects the nail and makes the varnish hold longer. Then, after having spread two coats of your Chanel Neon Varnish, you will just have to cover it with a Top Coat. This product gives even more shine to a manicure and helps protect it and make it last longer. So which shade will be yours? Would you rather be pink “Magentic”, blue “Electric”, “Ultrasonic” orange or “Fantastic” green? Let yourself be tempted by these new summer colors and do not hesitate to add color to your daily life! Not everyone will notice more than your pretty nails… Guaranteed effect!

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