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Good Girl Perfume

The best way to define Good Girl perfume is that it is a one-of-a-kind fragrance created to reflect the contemporary lady. The fragrance is a fresh and feminine blend of floral and woodsy aromas.

ck one Summer 2017

Calvin Kleinck one Summer 2017
ck one Summer 2017
ck one Summer 2017

The Calvin Klein house has announced that it will soon unveil a new summer series, by March 2017. Indeed, each year, the brand revisits its most famous mixed composition, CK One. This time, it seems that it is placed under the sign of the atmosphere of the desert. In other words, the new CK One Summer 2017 displays a very contrasting scent, similar to the hot summer days of this region of the globe followed by very cool nights. Focus on this new fragrance as vibrant as the most arid lands of the globe …

Calvin Klein’s summer travels

There are perfumes whose fame is such that it is no longer even necessary to present them. Undoubtedly, CK One is one of them . This androgynous scent made its appearance in 1995 and forever marked a whole generation of young people. In addition, it was a transparent essence intended for both men and women.

Even today, CK One is one of the best-selling perfumes of the house of Calvin Klein. Nevertheless, his loyal admirers are always delighted to discover his summer editions. However, the latter appeared much later than the original perfume. CK One was born in 1995. Its first limited edition of the summer, on the other hand, appeared in 2004. Since that day, Calvin Klein continues to take us on a journey in each of its new bottles. For example, remember the year 2016 which plunged us into the heart of a tropical forest… This time the scenery changes radically. This one is still placed under the sign of the sun but it is now that of the desert!

The fiery atmosphere of CK One Summer 2017

As always, CK One Summer 2017 is presented to us in the emblematic bottle of the entire collection. This one was originally designed by designer Fabien Barron. Its look is inspired by a flask of Jamaican rum and its sober and fine silhouette is the perfect echo of its androgynous scent. Everything is always capped with a screw cap similar to that of a simple water bottle. Nevertheless, this container is today embellished with rays of sun sculpted directly from its glass.

It is as if it was gradually rising from its base symbolizing the horizon. The whole rests on a transparent base similar to a salt desert. Then, CK One Summer 2017 gradually evolves towards a very airy bluish color. Only the name of CK One Summer 2017 stands out from the rest of the ensemble, with its orange color similar to a blazing sun. Its fragrance is then designed exactly in this image. Its start is like cold desert nights. It contains citron, lime and cucumber.

Nevertheless, this refreshing blend does not take long to heat up, giving way to a fiery heart and containing black pepper, white pepper, saffron and ginger. The vibrant scent of CK One Summer 2017 then reaches its climax at its base. This turns out to be sensual and warm, harmoniously blending guaiac wood and musk.

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