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Good Girl Perfume

The best way to define Good Girl perfume is that it is a one-of-a-kind fragrance created to reflect the contemporary lady. The fragrance is a fresh and feminine blend of floral and woodsy aromas.

H24 d’Hermès, when the advertising of a masculine perfume turns the senses upside down

HermèsH24 d'Hermès, when the advertising of a masculine perfume turns the senses upside down
H24 d'Hermès, when the advertising of a masculine perfume turns the senses upside down
H24 d’Hermès, when the advertising of a masculine perfume turns the senses upside down

The news was eagerly awaited by perfume lovers: it arrived on February 24, 2021. After 15 years without having offered a new male juice, the Hermès brand reveals a unique fragrance. After the success of Terre d’Hermès, it’s the turn of H24 to make its appearance and dazzle us. Signed by Christine Nagel, this masculine scent is a real sensory journey. “To create this new signature of Hermès perfumery, I had to open other less predictable paths, to move away from a conventional woody”, confides its creator. Presentation of the H24 fragrance of Hermès and its advertising.

H24 d’Hermès, a fragrance between nature and technology

H24 d’Hermès is a juice with a short but striking formula. With it, forget about the profusion of unnecessary ingredients. H24 goes to the essentials but this is enough to fully deliver its message to us. To evoke the image of the current man, H24 relies on aromatic and enveloping sage, associated with a more electric narcissus as well as an invigorating rosewood. All these raw materials of natural origin evoke the development of man in contact with the elements that surround him. Yes but here it is, the natural elements are not the only ones to occupy his daily life. The man of our time is constantly in contact with new technology. It is therefore precisely this duality that we find in this perfume and which is also featured in the advertising of H24.

The hybridization of man put into images

H24 d’Hermès is an “olfactory expression of contemporary man according to Hermès. A lively, sensual and luminous fragrance cultivating the daring hybridization between nature and technology ”. However, this is precisely what we find in this advertising campaign. Advertising for H24 evokes the world in motion. It is an immersive journey through the elements, whether it is contemporary architecture or uncluttered nature. The camera invites us to follow in the footsteps of a man in perfect harmony with his environment, as he walks in the middle of buildings as though through a dense forest. Here, the lines curve and the horizon tilts. H24 is a fragrance that sees “beyond the lines”.

The different players in H24 d’Hermès advertising

H24 d’Hermès is a juice that evokes the 24 hours that punctuate a man’s day, while also echoing 24 rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré in Paris, a legendary Hermès address. To embody these elements on screen, the brand turned to director Jan Gleie. This one featured supermodel Tim Dibble, while the photographs were taken by Christopher Anderson. Finally, note that an ultimate protagonist appears in this advertisement. You will understand, this is the iconic bottle of H24 , as contemporary as it is devoid of any superfluous. Entirely made of glass, it forms a diamond, to which no one can really give age or period. Here again, with him, Hermès goes beyond time and trends.

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