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Good Girl Perfume

The best way to define Good Girl perfume is that it is a one-of-a-kind fragrance created to reflect the contemporary lady. The fragrance is a fresh and feminine blend of floral and woodsy aromas.

The new Lutens composition: Baptism by Fire

BrandThe new Lutens composition: Baptism by Fire
The new Lutens composition: Baptism by Fire
The new Lutens composition: Baptism by Fire

Baptism of Fire, the macabre taste of gingerbread by Serge Lutens

Serge Lutens is an artist who is unlike any other and who hardly cares about fashions and trends. Its perfumes are endowed with an astonishing complexity allied to an exquisite harmony. They are mixed and each tell us a different story. In reality, they are a kind of outlet for Serge Lutens and each evokes a part of his life. Also, they are all associated with an enigmatic quote to say the least. The most recent is called Baptism of Fire and is presented as a juice that is both gourmet, aphrodisiac and intriguing.

The strange spicy smell of Serge Lutens

“My emotion is fluid. Like a wax that flows into a mold, it strengthens what appeals to me, like here, this gingerbread heart. », Such is the quote offered by Serge Lutens on the occasion of the release of his perfume Baptême du Feu. The latter offers us an atypical smell characteristic of childhood and plunges us into the world of the funfair. Gingerbread is here associated with the aphrodisiac impertinence of ginger. Likewise, the freshness of this ingredient is accentuated by the tangy and sparkling presence of mandarin. This reinforces the liveliness of the whole and gradually gives way to osmanthus, an ingredient bringing more depth to this juice. Thus, it delivers a more autumnal and woody feeling. However, the whole thing is not lacking in elegance. Baptême du Feu contains powdery notes emblematic of fine perfumery. It all ends with castoreum, a substance of animal origin with a scent very similar to that of leather. Of course, like every perfume from the Serge Lutens house, everything is perfectly structured and worthy of unparalleled know-how. Baptism by Fire displays an exemplary harmony and thus reveals an almost poetic breath.

Baptism of Fire, a fragrance created by Christopher Sheldrake

In order to shape the idea of ​​this essence, Serge Lutens called on the nose of Christopher Sheldrake. The latter is a British perfumer who has already worked for the greatest and in particular for the house of Chanel. He began his career in Grasse, at Robertet, one of the most famous houses on the planet. Also, it was in the mid-1980s that he met Serge Lutens, in Japan. Together, they began by designing the iconic Féminité du Bois fragrance for the house of Shiseido. Since that date, these two creators no longer seem to want to leave each other and we can no longer count their number of collaborations and four-handed creations. Indeed, Christopher Sheldrake particularly appreciates working for Serge Lutens, a designer who does not restrain his creativity. In addition, Christopher Sheldrake enjoys designing new things. He explains that “the novelty is a shock. It is not comfortable because it leads to doubt. »And that is precisely what pleases him and what we find in the Baptism of Fire perfume.

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