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Good Girl Perfume

The best way to define Good Girl perfume is that it is a one-of-a-kind fragrance created to reflect the contemporary lady. The fragrance is a fresh and feminine blend of floral and woodsy aromas.

This Is Us Eau de Toilette, when Zadig & Voltaire advocates generosity and sharing

PerfumeThis Is Us Eau de Toilette, when Zadig & Voltaire advocates generosity and sharing
This Is Us Eau de Toilette, when Zadig & Voltaire advocates generosity and sharing
This Is Us Eau de Toilette, when Zadig & Voltaire advocates generosity and sharing

Zadig & Voltaire is a luxury brand synonymous with rebellion, freedom and rock ‘n’ roll spirit! This is therefore precisely how the masculine and feminine perfumes This is Him and This is Her were imagined in 2016. Expressing an indomitable ardor and an extravagant attitude, they both shared the same woody scent of sandalwood. , immediately revealing themselves to be perfectly complementary while having opposite characters. This time, in 2021, these two cult perfumes merge and give birth to a new unisex fragrance: This Is Us Eau de Toilette.

This Is Us Eau de Toilette, a fragrance designed for the Zadig & Voltaire tribe

While This is Her was aimed at women and This is Him was aimed at men, This Is Us has no gender. It is a mixed essence, which advocates sharing and universality. With him, there is no question of gender or age. This Is Us Eau de Toilette is simply designed for an eternally young tribe, feeling free… Free to come together, to be happy and to share the same fragrance. This scent seems just as elaborate for men as for women, for teenagers as for adults. Simply synonymous with life, This Is Us is more than a perfume, it is a totem to be brandished with pride!

This Is Us, a sensual and enveloping fragrance

The composition of This Us Eau de Toilette is signed by perfumer Mathilde Bijaoui, who has chosen to preserve the sandalwood of her predecessors. However, it is no longer placed in the foreground. It is clearly dominated by a smoother and more sensual vanilla. Likewise, Cashemran seems to glide tenderly on the skin, like a cashmere sweater, an emblematic piece of the Zadig & Voltaire wardrobe. Finally, there is a woody touch of patchouli and musk, for more persistence and character.

Add a booster to This Is Us to change its temperament

This fragrance can be worn on its own. However, you are free to add one of the two boosters developed by Zadig & Voltaire:
– “This is Freedom” gives it a more aromatic facet;
– “This is Hapiness” reveals its solar side.

The urban and contemporary bottle of Zadig & Voltaire

Finally, This Is Us Eau de Toilette is presented in a new bottle, as a perfect blend of the previous glass cases of This is Her and This is Him. Here, exit the black and the white. Everything is transparency! On the other hand, several strong words appear on its walls, such as “No Generation”, “Freedom” or “Forever Young”. A yellow line electrifies the whole, in a very contemporary spirit. Finally, like its predecessors, This Is Us Eau de Toilette proudly has irregular side facets, enough to underline its belonging to this olfactory collection.

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